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Our rat control service will keep vermin out of your house in Abilene, Stamford, TX and throughout Jones County and Taylor County, TX

No one likes dealing with rats, mice or other vermin, especially inside their own home. When you hear those awful scratching noises and see little pellets on your floor, it's time to call A-Town Pest Control. Our team handles rat control in Abilene and Stamford, TX. We'll set traps throughout your house and remove any trapped rodents later.

You shouldn't have to spend another minute with rats roaming around your attic or crawl space. Call 325-232-8102 now to schedule a rat control appointment.

When the weather cools down, chances of infestation go up

When the weather cools down, chances of infestation go up

Rats and mice like to make themselves right at home when the temperature starts to drop. By keeping an eye out and ear open for signs of rats, you can stay on top of the infestation before it becomes a real problem. Our mice removal service covers removing any type of small vermin from your home. Count on our team to take care of your vermin problem. Contact us right now to schedule mice removal service.