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Dealing with bugs is a pain, especially when they're living in your bed. A-Town Pest Control offers bed bug removal to rid your bed of every pesky bug. We'll make sure your bed is bug-free again, and we'll also remove bed bugs from your furniture. You deserve a clean and pest-free home. Contact our team right now to schedule a bed bug control appointment in Abilene or Stamford, TX.

5 signs you have bed bugs

5 signs you have bed bugs

You shouldn’t have to worry about being attacked by bugs when you lie down at night. Bed bugs will subtly make themselves known. You may have a bed bug problem if you notice:

  1. Rust-colored stains on your sheets, pillows or mattress
  2. Red, itchy bites on your body
  3. Black fecal spots on your bedding
  4. An unusual musty odor in your bedroom
  5. Small, tick-like bugs on your bed

Our bed bug removal team will remove those pests out of your home in no time. Call 325-232-8102 today to schedule a bed bug control appointment.